Panel doors

Panel doors is a doors with a timber frame of given thickness on its periphery and supported with suitable panel inserts in the middle. Factory made Panel Doors are in vogue and/or used for mass scale and uniform construction. Jayna Panel Doors are manufactured in our fully equipped and automatic plant. Timbers used in the manufacture of frame i.e. stiles and rails are thoroughly kiln seasoned to desired moisture contents as per I.S. 1141 / 1973 and I.S.287. This prevents extraordinary dimensional changes. Chemical treatment is also done to increase the life of doors and provide fortified resistance against insects, borers etc. in accordance with I.S. 401

JAYNA Panel Doors are made in general conformity to BIS : 1003 Part I. Various options are available with Panel Doors such as the number of Panels, thickness of shutter (30/35/40 mm), type of panel insert (plywood, particle board, battens), timber species for frames, single or double leaf with rebate cutting etc.

As such Panel Doors are engineered to exact specifications of the customer. Normally Panel Doors are supplied with one coat of wood primer to protect the doors against weather effects. Panel Doors can be painted after installation.

Timber for Frame Panel Insert
Teak Wood (Tectona Grindis) BWP Plywood
Hollock (Terminalia Myriocarpa) Particle Board
Sheesham (Dalbergia Sissoo) Decorative Ply
Champ (Michelia Sp) Wire Mesh
Bijasal (Pterocarpus marsupium) Timber Panels
Jamun (Syzygium cumini) Glass
Haldu (Adina cordifolia) Stained Glass
Meranti (Shorea ) Laminated Panel

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