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Jayna Flush Doors are factory made doors made under a technical process comprising of seasoning, filling, assembly, glueing and pressing. Jayna Flush Doors are made in general conformity to BIS : 2202 (Part I) in a most modern uptodate plywood factory. These are made from well selected thoroughly kiln seasoned timbers. Our selection of flush doors lends affordable beauty and quality to any home. Each doors is milled to exacting tolerances to provide long lasting dependable performances.

Flush Doors are of solid construction with Block Board core of wood strips laid edge to edge and bonded with cross band and face veneers smooth sanded to accept paint/stain on each side. They are made using Phenol Formaldehyde Resin with Hot Press under 200 lbs. Per sq. inch pressure which impart exterior grade status to these doors.

JWI is a licensee of Bureau of Indian Standards and offers Flush doors with ISI mark under Code No: IS :2202. These Flush doors are available under the firm owned brand name Jayna

• Face finishs Commercial or Decorative (Teak face veneer) on one or both sides.
• Thickness of Face Veneer 0.4mm. 0.6mm. 0.8mm.
• Thickness of Face Panel 2.2mm. 3mm. 3.5mm.
• External Lipping Provided in hardwood 6mm to 25 mm on all four edges which seals them perfectly.
• Face Beading Decorative molded beading on the face of the doors to make it look like a Panel doors yet retain the sturdy characteristics of a Flush doors.
• Vision Panelling Providing vision panels in choicest design or as may be specified by the customer.
• Laminated Finish Mica on one or both sides including print design laminates in a variety of themes or alternatively PVC sheet lamination for toilet doors.

Flush Door

Flush Door

Jayna Flush Doors are available with a variety of options. Flush doors are proved exceptionally strong, sturdy, durable, insulated against Heat and Cold, dimensionally stable and having good sound deadening value.

They are economic in cost, resistant to weathering effects, elegantly finished and do not expand, warp, bend, chip or crack even under extreme climatic conditions.

Internal Construction of a Flush doors

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