Technical Specification

Properties Specified Values as per IS:2046-1995 Type S,HGS Confirms
Resistenece to surface wear
0.8 mm (+-0.05mm)
>200 (revolution)

Resistenece to impression in boiling water
-Mass increase(%)
-Thickness increase(%)

8 (Maximum)
10 (Maximum)

Resistenece to dry heat at 180° C Not worse than 4
Dimensional stability at deviated tempreture

0.5 (Maximum)
0.9 (Maximum)

Dimensional stability at 20° C

0.375 (Maximum)
0.60 (Maximum)

Resistenece to impact by small diamemeter ball 17.5 N (Minimum)
Resistenece to cracking Not worse than 4
Resistenece to scratching 2 N (Minimum)
Resistenece to Staining Not worse than 5
Resistence to colour change(wood standards)
-In xenon arc light
-In enclosed Carbon arc light

Not worse than 6
Not worse than 5

Resistenece to cigratte burns Not worse than 3
Resistenece to steam Not worse than 4
Appearance Should be free from foreign particles

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